Tuesday Riots (may_b_maybe) wrote in ladieswholunch,
Tuesday Riots

Did you come here for a pie sir?

The Application
1. Name: Paige
2. Nicknames: Pessy, Paigypooh, random things.
3. Age: 20
4. Birthday: November 6
5. Describe yourself positively in three words: honest, random, understanding
6. Describe yourself negatively in three words: intimidating, slow, over-sensitive
7. Strengths/Skills/Talents: I am a moderately trained pianist (MODERATELY, NOT PROFFESSIONAL) as well as vocalist. I do allot of artistic things.
8. Weaknesses: Numbers.

9. Food: Chinese, Italian
10. Colour: Red and Black
11. Three Movies (that are not Sondheim related): Gone with the Wind, Victor/Victoria, Glory
12. Three Books (that are not Sondheim related): Bridget Jones, To Kill A Mockingbird, Othello
13. Season: Spring
14. Place: New York or any city setting.
15. Song: And So It Goes- Billy JOel
16. Quote: "If at first you dont succeed- get someone else to do it."
17. Non-Sondheim musical theatre character: Gaston from Beauty and the Beast will always amuse me no matter whose playing him.
18. Non-Sondheim show: Beauty and the Beast, no doubt.

Do you prefer. . .
19. Andrew Lloyd Webber or Stephen Schwartz? Both
20. Bernadette Peters or Mandy Patinkin? Gotta support the 12 tribes, I will have to go with Mandel Bruce.
21. Vegetables or Fruits? Brocolli.
22. Murder or Deceit? Both...good plots. LOL
23. Words or Actions? Actions...words just justify.
24. Flowers or Chocolates? Both
25. Walking or Running? Depends
26. Singing or Dancing? Singing
27. Black or White? Both.

28. Tell us how much you love us (points if you get creative): 
The Ladies Who Lunch,
I love you a bunch.
See- I rhymed.
Do I get a cool point?
Or do I get kicked out of the joint?
Ohhhh...so rhymed again.
I demand I get my cool point.
You might dissappoint.
*Sad face*

I tried...*holds a bucket*
You want some chicken? Its fried?

 29. Anything else you'd like to tell us? I think that will be all.

30. Please post at least two clear pictures of yourself.

Queen Paige

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