Kelli Schultz (ex_sweeneyto598) wrote in ladieswholunch,
Kelli Schultz

Did you come here for a pie sir?

1. Name: Kelli
2. Nicknames: None, people usually refer to me by my real name.
3. Age: 19
4. Birthday: May 17
5. Describe yourself positively in three words: Sarcastic, Determined, Loyal
6. Describe yourself negatively in three words: Bossy, Temperamental, Stubborn
7. Strengths/Skills/Talents: Aside from artistic talent, I have common sense and street smarts.
8. Weaknesses: I tend to get ahead of myself at times.

9. Food: Chinese Food
10. Colour: Earthy Colors
11. Three Movies (that are not Sondheim related): Gladiator, It's a Wonderful Life, Cabaret
12. Three Books (that are not Sondheim related): Les Miserables, Count of Monte Cristo, Animal Farm
13. Season: Winter
14. Place: The Stage
15. Song: My favorite songs change from time to time. Currently it is Mein Herr from Cabaret.
16. Quote: "I will not give up!"
17. Non-Sondheim musical theatre character: Sally Bowles
18. Non-Sondheim show: Les Miserables

Do you prefer. . .
19. Andrew Lloyd Webber or Stephen Schwartz? ALW is the lesser of two evils. Most of his older shows are actually decent.
20. Bernadette Peters or Mandy Patinkin? Bernadette Peters for the win.
21. Vegetables or Fruits? Veggies
22. Murder or Deceit? Deceit
23. Words or Actions? Actions, words can only get you so far.
24. Flowers or Chocolates? Chocolates all the way.
25. Walking or Running? Running
26. Singing or Dancing? Singing
27. Black or White? Back

28. Tell us how much you love us (points if you get creative): Me love you long time.
29. Anything else you'd like to tell us? Nope!
30. Please post at least two clear pictures of yourself.

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