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Did you come here for a pie, sir?

1. Name: Jessica
2. Nicknames: Jess, Jessie
3. Age: 16
4. Birthday: January 12, 1990
5. Describe yourself positively in three words: Smart, Witty, Open-Minded
6. Describe yourself negatively in three words: Cynical, Stubborn, Short-tempered
7. Strengths/Skills/Talents: Violin, Writing, Words
8. Weaknesses: My temper, children

9. Food: Chocolate
10. Colour: Green
11. Three Movies (that are not Sondheim related): Monty Python and the Holy Grail, RENT, Pride and Prejudice (BBC Version with Colin Firth)
12. Three Books (that are not Sondheim related): Wicked, Sherlock Holmes, The Two Princesses of Bamarre
13. Season: Winter
14. Place: My Room
15. Song: “Your Eyes” RENT
16. Quote: ‘”Behold the male beast roaring in the jungle for his mate,” said Elphaba. “See how the female beast giggles behind a shrub while she organizes her face to say, Pardon dear, did you say something?”
17. Non-Sondheim musical theatre character: Elphaba Thropp
18. Non-Sondheim show: RENT

Do you prefer. . .
19. Andrew Lloyd Webber or Stephen Schwartz? Stephen Schwartz
20. Bernadette Peters or Mandy Patinkin? Bernadette Peters
21. Vegetables or Fruits? Fruits
22. Murder or Deceit? Deceit
23. Words or Actions? Actions
24. Flowers or Chocolates? Chocolates
25. Walking or Running? Walking
26. Singing or Dancing? Singing
27. Black or White? Black

28. Tell us how much you love us (points if you get creative): I love you more than Sweeney loves revenge and more than Mrs. Lovett loves to bake a good meat pie. I know, I know, that’s a lot =)
29. Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I can knit and make plushies for any show I go to!
30. Please post at least two clear pictures of yourself.
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